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How to distinguish the quality of crystal head and teach you two ways to choose crystal head

How to distinguish the crystal head, the most commonly used accessories, is also one of the most important parts, but do you know it is actually different? This article will teach you how to distinguish it from good or bad.

The first trick: to judge the truth from the appearance

The price of the crystal head is not too expensive. The market is usually sold between 0.5-2 yuan. Although it is not expensive, the price gap between each other is very large. In order to avoid the purchase of inferior crystal head, the first trick to teach you is to judge the quality of the quality from the appearance.

How to distinguish the quality of crystal head and teach you two ways to choose crystal head


First of all, crystal head looks bright and transparent. It is a bit like crystal sense. You will see that the exterior is very smooth and the quality of all parts is the same. It will not contain any impurities or transparency. The first crystal plastic mouth part is firm, we can simply judge it, crystal head extrusion hollow parts by hand, if there is obvious deformation, then explain the existing problems of its quality; but on the back of the plastic shrapnel crystal head toughness but need quite good, try to make it back to the general bent. Can easily bend 180 degrees without break, after release did not appear to have a deformation phenomenon.

If the appearance accords with the above phenomenon, the quality of the crystal head is still more excellent. Some of the materials made of crystal heads contain impurities, and the plastic sheets are broken or deformed after bending, so the quality is very problematic.

Tips: grab a crystal head and then bump it up and down. If there is a crisp sound, it will indicate that the material used is better. If the voice is dull, it will be worse.

The second step of looking at the appearance is to check the shape of the crystal head. Because the size of crystal head are strictly regulated, so we can be crystal head and other devices with RJ-45 ports (NIC, switch etc.) are connected, if not connected to or not hold sway, plastic shrapnel unable to take down the crystal head, the specifications for connection to the contrary are more accurate; obvious gap, gently round will be able to remove, the production process does not pass, there are quality problems.

Second: judging the authenticity from the copper sheet of the crystal head

The most important part of the crystal head is the copper sheet at the top. The quality of the crystal head directly affects the quality of the crystal head. When checking the copper, first check to see if the cutting edge of the metal terminal section is neat. Because of poor quality products will not pass in the production process, will use magnifying glass when there are a lot of metal burr; in addition to look from color, good crystal head copper color is golden yellow, and inferior products due to the use of different materials, there will be oxidized surface dark black.

In addition, we can also bring a small knife in the actual purchase process. The blade has two functions, one is scraping crystal head with a blade of metal contact piece part, if the above copper can easily include off and the color is dark, it must be false; instead the surface is difficult to scrape copper with a little off, even if part of the metal contacts observed out of is bright; another is to try to pry the metal terminal with the tip, generally connected crystal head are very good solid work, it is very difficult to pry it out, and the crystal head fake production work is not standardized, may be flipped down.

Although in the network product, crystal head can be said to be one of the smallest equipment. But it plays a very important role. It can not be easy to buy and buy, and it can not be greedy for small cheapest.

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