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Identification of several network lines

Talk about the network: if the network cable is long, please be sure to use oxygen free copper wire, super five lines is the general standard of the copper line, electronic city JS general copper cable is zinc and copper, is an alloy of zinc and copper, the line is generally only 30 meters, due to cable transmission current copper or iron wire, zinc wire pressure drop more than 30 meters, will not be able to provide voltage bridge work, so more than 30 meters of cable please buy our oxygen free copper cable. Please don’t get entangled in this question, “the people of the computer city say the net is pure copper”, which is meaningless.

Identification of several network lines


Here’s the way to identify the network lines by the way:

1. iron wire, generally using a powerful magnet can be checked out, this can not be used;

2. (also called copper zinc brass, zinc content of approximately 32%~39%, computer city people generally called copper cable), this is generally higher than a soft wire, oxygen free copper than a hard, check, scraping with a blade, if you scrape out the internal skin color and has obvious color difference, then some zinc and copper and even copper.

3. copper (also called copper), the general line of material is very soft, look at the cross section cut, color and skin, super five lines this line are the General GB standard, generally 9 core (one is ground), such as the amp. Because the net line profit is not too high, so the electronic city sells the net line generally to sell the zinc and copper as the oxygen free copper sale, if only uses the Internet, the oxygen free copper can be 180 meters, but the zinc and copper generally only can 130~150 meters.

In addition, there are four copper and four iron wire, generally 1236 is copper, 4578 is the iron wire, this line can not be used for wireless bridge! Unless you will be 1236 and 4578 on, be sure to ask to buy this line, the 4578 is definitely not to buy iron, because we give the power supply voltage of bridge is 15V, 45 is positive, 78 is negative, if the 4 lines of iron, it will be completely finished, the voltage will be reduced to 30 meters 9V, not enough to bridge power supply.

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