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Owire OPGW Aluma Core Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Owire OPGW Aluma Core Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

OPGW is a dual functioning cable performing the duties of a ground wire and also providing a patch for the transmission of voice, video or data signals . The fibers are protected from environmental conditions (lightning, short circuit, loading) to ensure reliability and longevity.


Owire OPGW Aluma Core Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)

Core Specifications

Technical Dataaccording to IEC, IEEE, DL/T 832, GB/T 7424.4 standards       
stranding direction of outer layer is right hand(Z-stranding)       
Cable Diameter     14.8mm
Cable Weight     591kg/km
Supporting Cross Section     113.7mm2
 Section of AS Wire      88.5 mm2
 Section of AL tube      25.2 mm2
Rate Tensile Strength (RTS)     77.3kN
Modulus of Elasticity (E-Modulus)     115.1kN/mm2
Thermal Elongation Coefficient     14.8×10-6/℃
Permissible Maximum Working Stress (40% RTS)     272.0N/mm2
Everyday Stress(EDS) (18%~25% RTS)    122.4~170N/mm2
Ultimate Exceptional Stress (70% RTS)     476.1N/mm2
DC Resistance     0.416Ω/km
Short Time Current (1s, 20℃~200℃)   10.6kA
Short Time Current Capacity  I2t     113.1kA2s
Minimum Bending Radius:     370mm
 Installation: Oprating:   222mm
Ratio between Pull and Weight     13.3km
Installation     -10℃ ~ +50
Transportation and Operation     -40℃ ~ +80


Yes. We are the real manufacturer with more than 500 staff.

Yes, small order is available .We support new project of our customers as we know business is always from small order.

10 years for Lan cable , 25 years for fiber optic cable

ISO9001, SGS, UL, CPR, CE, RoHs

Usually within 10-15 working days

Lan Cable,our annual output is 500000*305m
Outdoor/Indoor Fiber Optic Cable, our annual output is 8,000,000 KM;
FTTH/FTTX/FTTA Cable, it is 6,000,000 KM per year;
Patch Cord/Pigtails, it is 12,400,000 Pieces per year.

T/T, L/C, Western Union and Ali pay.

Yes. We supply OEM&ODM service. You can send us your drawing or we make design by our professional customized team.

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Solid conductor 4 pair UTP cable with PVC or LSZH outer sheath. Each cable consists of 8 colour coded polyethylene insulated conductors. These are twisted together to form 4 pairs with varying lay lengths. These pairs, together with a strong nylon rip cord are jacketed in either Purple, Orange Grey or Blue PVC/LSZH material, which complies with the requirements of IEC332-1. The printing detail on the sheath, includes the cables part number, specification details and a 305-0 reverse metre marking within each box supplied, allowing for quick and easy measurement of cable installed and the amount remaining within the box.
Optical fiber are housed in loose tubes that are made of high-modulus plastic and filled with tube filling compound. The tubes (and fillers) are stranded around a non-metallic central strength member and surrounded with dry water-blocking material to form a cable core.
*Low insertion loss and high return loss *No epoxy and polishing required, No special tools needed when installed. *Allows up to three re-termination result. *Easily installed, Quick and easy fiber termination in the field. *Only 30 seconds needed to learn the process of installation and making.

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