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Analysis of how to connect fiber jump line with fiber jump line

Xiaobian tell you (also called optical fiber jumper fiber connector) is split between the optical fiber and optical fiber can be unloaded (activities) connected devices, so how to connect the optical fiber jumper fiber jumper connection is correct, what better?

Optical fiber jumper is the way to connect the two ends of the optical fiber, and the optical energy output from the optical fiber can be maximally coupled to the receiving optical fiber, and the influence of the optical link on the system is minimal.

Fiber-optic jumper connection


The transmission distance of the single mode is about 1500, and the double mode can reach 10 kilometers. The fiber can be converted into RJ45 ordinary cable or RS232 signal through optical cable.

The general optical fiber jumper connected to the splitter or optical distribution frame, optical fiber jumper connection optical transceiver, optical transceiver converts light signals into electrical signals we usually use. Optical fiber jumper is link ends of equipment, usually connected with fiber box is the head of the ST, the switch module fiber optical transceiver LC head, SC head, optical transceiver and ODF frame FC head.

Optical fiber jumper is to connect 2 optical fiber devices. There are many models, such as ST-ST, ST-LC, LC-LC, ST-SC and so on. What type do you want to choose? It depends on whether your optical fiber device interface is ST or LC or SC. The jump line is also divided into two modes.

How to connect fiber jumper

Here is an example of the application of optical fiber jumper connection.

Telecom fiber to the enterprise, is usually the first of two mode fiber to the enterprise computer room, and then into the transmitter, converted into the enterprise firewall for RJ45 signal, and then into the CORE, in can be converted to optical fiber by optical fiber transceiver and optical fiber, and optical transmission through the internal to each room.

Optical fiber jumper connection must be decided according to the actual situation. Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary trouble, it is more reliable to find professional construction team for installation and commissioning.

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