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How to protect fiber optic cable lines

The Internet users in our country are increasing gradually, and the one of fiber optic cable is getting bigger and bigger. In the protection of the line, our country has invested a lot of economy to maintain.

With the use of dense wavelength division multiplexing and high-speed digital communication technology, increasing information transactions have been concentrated on fewer nodes and lines, and higher and higher demand for optical network reliability has been put forward. According to statistics, every year China’s optical cable has exceeded 2000 times to block, resulting in the loss of infinite direct communication beyond 1 billion yuan and serious loss to all sectors of the national economy. Therefore, network survival can become an important factor affecting network planning and construction, and maintenance and rehabilitation of optical path can seriously affect the survival of all networks. It has a very serious meaning to the construction of optical network.

How to protect fiber optic cable lines


Optical active switch maintenance system structure, function, index, optical path

At that time, the choice of optical network maintenance methods for telecom operators was mainly the following: 1.SDH self healing ring maintenance, 2. optical path shunting maintenance, 3. manual scheduling maintenance, 4. optical path active handover maintenance technology. The method of selecting optical transmission and shunting and manual scheduling is low power, and it is not satisfied with the demand of non blocking communication service quality. The constraints of SDH transmission system and geographical I environment restrict the use of SDH self healing ring maintenance methods, and maintain the mechanism of chaos, and the mainline SDH self healing function cannot be completed. Optical active switch maintenance is maintenance of the optical transmission layer, and the mechanism of control only on fiber routing, and transmission equipment with small, not compatible with the presence of doubt, simple constitute the optical network maintenance, the current domestic some light layer maintenance has a comparative advantage not to maintain the upper transaction. For example, the light layer rehabilitation is high, the light layer rehabilitation speed is fast, the light layer rehabilitation cost is low, together with different transaction supply and maintenance. Access to the trunk transmission system does not affect the transmission characteristics.

There are two basic maintenance plans for fiber and optical cable line maintenance skills: two hair selection and maintenance plan (1+1 maintenance) and selection and delivery maintenance plan (1:1 maintenance). 1+1 maintenance and 1:1 maintenance through the light power check to complete the fast maintenance of the line, the active switch to rehabilitation time according to ITU-TG.783 and ITU-TG.841 standard, less than 50ms.

1:1 type optical line maintenance equipment can be used in point to point line and the main line of simple electric relay and EDFA random lines, a pair of the imported equipment into loss is 2.6dB, the switching time is less than 30ms, the signal transmission equipment independent lit, and can complete the active rehabilitation function.

Networking and function

In order to satisfy the demand of telecommunication to line communication guarantee and the availability index of the trunk transmission circuit.

Telecom light maintenance engineering using OLP series optical line automatic switch maintenance, the use of these devices and redundant optical cable, optical cable, Shanghai Hangzhou fukki selected into Jin Nan Sui cable, cable, cable NInghang South Binhai to adapt 11 hops in network system, construction of optical fibre and cable network maintenance, physical implementation of 1:1 to maintain, monitor for the DCN network. The system can accomplish the following functions:

1, active switch function: the main fiber routing block, switched to the standby active routing, ensure communication without blocking the; also based on the detailed line and demand set to the rehabilitation model of active back function: when a main route line rehabilitation normal active switch rehabilitation to the main line with the routing function.

2, maintenance scheduling function: when the main routing fiber is normal, it can be announced by the network management or equipment panel, and the scheduling switch operation route is ensured, so that the communication transaction is not stopped.

3. The monitoring function of the main fiber insertion loss: the line insertion loss of the main and standby routes can be monitored in real time, and the alarm prompt is given according to the set alarm threshold.

4, power off, power on the power: switch off power or power, do not affect the operating line state, to ensure the normal operation of the system; and have hot plug function.

The optical fiber line maintenance equipment used in the project OLP is less than 3.0dB for each pair, and the maintenance time is less than 30.0ms. The 11 relay segments maintained and the corresponding backup lines, as shown in Table 1, select 11 sets of line maintenance equipment, including 1 4U standard frame, 4 fiber optic switchgear units on the rack, 18 1U standard equipment, 2 of which are spare parts for this project. The equipment and equipment of each site and the schematic diagram of the project are shown in Figure 1.

The main function of the network management system is to maintain and actively switch and dispatch.

1, equipment management: complete the switchover equipment classification, equipment, control.

2, real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of single Panguang power and routing of the switching equipment.

3, alarm handling: real-time to switch equipment alarm collection, alarm, recognition.

4, function management: can collect the data of the equipment running state according to the time interval set by the user, and can inquire the historical data.

5, safe handling: users and their rights to handle

6, log management: record system events

7, topology shows: complete the topology of equipment dispersion and state

Active switching maintenance system of optical path in WDM system and SDH maintenance

Backbone network is a common optical transmission / transmission channel for integrated services, because various transactions have different maintenance capabilities, so demand can provide reliable and sensitive maintenance of optical level. The optical domain maintenance mechanism using DWDM can facilitate the maintenance of physical layer, including SDH signals, and provide high quality data channel capabilities. Optical path initiative switch maintenance system industry can complete the maintenance of DWDM system, and the plan for completing the backup route maintenance is high. It is mainly suitable for special situations such as fiber cutting and so on. It only needs to have conditions to implement conveniently. After being used, it is a good way to carry out self healing maintenance for the main line (line and equipment) which is easy to attack and block when the redundant channels are satisfied.

Practice line normally primary and backup routes there will be a large difference between the interval of doubt about the high-speed communication system and DWDM system are the main difference between routing attenuation and dispersion. EDFA and DCM are selected to consider the disposal of the OSC monitoring channel.

The value performance of optical active switching maintenance system: income, savings and so on

Optical active handover maintenance system is a network element planning which is completely independent of SDH system and DWDM system. It can switch to maintenance network when connecting with alternate optical fiber routing. It has been proved by practice that the active switching maintenance is strong, safe and sensitive, and that the recovery of affairs can be strong. After the implementation of the project, it can be useful to deal with the difficulties in maintenance of optical cable lines and reach the expected policy.

1. The probability of the interruption of the line to cause the event to be suspended.

2. Reduce the cost of cable maintenance;

3. The speed of discovery and correction of progressive faults does not need to stop transactional signal transmission.

4, sensitive routing scheduling, convenient maintenance and cutting line;

5, it helps to improve the performance of line maintenance.

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