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How will the future fiber develop? Where does the net manufacturer go?

With the increasing number of Internet users in China and the increasing demand for optical fiber, what will the network manufacturers go for?

The overcapacity of optical fiber, the fierce price competition, the lack of high-end goods supply and so on are all the current situation of the Chinese optical fiber profession. In addition, the domestic fiber manufacturers will face more serious challenges. The volume of domestic fiber optic cable group buying continues to drop, while many domestic Fiber Co demand less and competition will become more intense, leading to a vicious competition. The key point is: many domestic fiber optic cable companies and equipment providers, suppliers lack of deep collaboration, grasp less core skills, to a large extent, rely on operators shopping malls. International shopping malls are difficult to open up, trade and skill barriers are many, new product development investment is lack.

How will the future fiber develop? Where does the net manufacturer go?


Orwell always thinks that shielding and optical fiber are the future trends of the cabling market, and many different skills and goods are also leading the trend. In shielded cabling, Valin is proud to have Z-MAX class 6A and class 7A wiring fully shielded cabling system. And in many data centers and government, financial, corporate, medical and other professions are loved by the users. Simon’s pioneering Z-MAX end – to – end network routing solution has broken through the previously recognized RJ-45 interface limit. Integrated Z-MAX jumper printed circuit board an accurate tuning, and selection of Zero-Cross terminal on the positioning seat skills, eliminate split ends and line on the line to Z-MAX information module perfect cooperation interspersed with the use of imagery, then supplies the incomparable end-to-end system function, the 6A system function to the industry’s largest margin of wiring. Using Z-TOOL? Skills, the cable can be prepared in 1 minutes and end to end unshielded and shielded modules. Simon Z-MAX’s outstanding 6A system function brings longer service life. In the meantime, shielding system has smaller outer diameter, better utilization rate of pipeline, more difficult to heat up cable and other green energy-saving features.

In the future optical fiber with 10G wireless will complement each other, to provide users with the large capacity, fast, high efficiency, good security, it will be foreign demand, we need increasedresearch future today, the data center plan not only needs the attention of 40G Ethernet, should also do a foil for 100G use. In this setting, in fact, the new 40? G Ethernet infrastructure is now ready for 100G Ethernet. The good news is due to the new IEEE specification. Not waiting for people, the untimely resolution plan may face the existing LC connector environment completely dropped out of the team, the need to all the risk of the MTP connector. Of course, by arranging 40G Ethernet today, your infrastructure is not only useful in the short term 10G/40G environment, but also in the later 100G environment.

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