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Why do not Anpuwangxian analysis of domestic manufacturers

Speaking of domestic wire Anpuwangxian manufacturers, the first thought is to carry out quick, but not strong, the lack of international Brand Company. “Big but not strong” the literal interpretation is: the national network amp output line, has now become the world; but the skills, skills, management, brand, talent and high-end market share is not strong. Thus, only to do big and strong, on the domestic network line occupation development amp is difficult to have substantial assistance. Today we’re going to analyze why it doesn’t make a big deal.

Why do not Anpuwangxian analysis of domestic manufacturers

In addition to the above list number is not strong, the domestic line occupation Anpu network has to face many difficult difficult, such as industrial concentration is low, excess capacity, fake appearanceserious, cheap appearanceserious, bidding skills development capital shortage and so on, have formed a network AMP production company difficult to pick up in the business, in assist the occupation bigger and stronger, but also incapable of action.

Carry out a form occupation plight

So, what is the formation of the domestic wire amp network line occupation many embarrassed? In the analysis of the reasons, we find that it is formed by the process of pre career history. From the last century since 80s, had more than 120 national sentinel network line wire amp company, all has transformed into a joint-stock company, a joint venture company or Private Companies. Local public small wire amp network line company, almost uniform to become Private Companies. So, the formation of the original six’s first public line network amp company ceased to exist, the Private Companies blossom everywhere situation. The wire line network occupation Qunlong amp missed the first, private development has become Liaoyuanzhishi, the government has been unable to control, so now we see into the “occupation malignant expansion” of the situation.

The heap of the initial capital is gradually formed. In the collection process, carried out by the owners of private business philosophy, market demand and the impact of government governance and control. The factors of influence and restriction bring the least three opposites and questions to private enterprises:

At the top of the list, the opposite between the innate private capital and the employment.

Second, the contradiction between the limited, unplanned and unlimited expansion of the private enterprise. It is obvious that the capacity of the mall is limited, while the nature of the private enterprise is infinitely expanded. The market itself is not planned, and the private investment has a certain blindness.

Third, the contradiction between the value-added of capital and the completion of profit, because the market is limited, the blind capital contribution is bound to form overcapacity. The origin of these general antagonism is the imperfection of private ownership and the economic system of the shopping mall. It is inevitable for the national economic transformation to happen. This is also one of the important tasks for the country to carry out industrial macro control, rather than the private enterprises themselves.

Amp network line occupation “and difficult”

Now the domestic amp network line is still the occupation, mud leggings, can’t do anything. First, because most of China’s private companies to carry out the production line network amp history is relatively short, the earliest in 1985 just before and after the start, so there is no sufficient funds accumulated, the limited amount of capital. On the other hand, for many private enterprises, after experiencing the process from small to large, usually several initial shareholders are entangled with unclear property rights, which seriously affects the normal development of the company. While the domestic amp network line occupation (Private Companies) throughout the balance of the family business, which doomed the company structure may not be the modern company system, “there are for a kinsman of the emperor”, it is very difficult.

In addition, private enterprises are supported by the policy and have a natural dependence on political power. When the official collusion exists in the private sector spread among the troops, private enterprises have to endure the weight of bureaucrat capital.

Finally, the domestic network amp line of the company through understanding small dense, backward. On line company produced many amp network attack, usually do not profit after the investment and production, but do not attach importance to capital technological transformation, but costs, cost of luxury waste. Quite a few Private Held Company owners do not have the energy of Western companies, eager for quick success and instant benefits, no long-term plan, short social responsibilities, spoiling resources and damaging the environment.

Transformation of promotion is the magic weapon of the rescue industry

How to change the plight of China’s electric wire amp network line occupation? The only way is to change the transformation. But the demand is not an individual, amp network line production company needs upgrade, but the entire line of the company needed Anpu network upgrade! Upgrade is not part of the lack of relevant government leading, also cannot lack of network cable production company to AMP, as long as the two, only multiplier.

A local government, amp network line occupation is agile pull GDP “magic weapon”, so we in many local governments have seen a series of preferential policies and encouragement policy, and some do not have the production license type amp network line company also opened smoothly. Nevertheless, it has played an active role in the promotion of local GDP, but it also aggravated the competition in the mall and presented a severe situation posing as fake and inferior commodities. To this end, around the part of the government functions necessary to play a leading role in outstanding, requirements and assist production line company upgrade amp network.

In particular, the company has been teaching, assisting and supporting many aspects of the company’s professional ethics, the industrial policy, the quality of the goods, the progress of the skills, and the promotion of the company. About the present question amp network line production company should assist, and not only is it exposure or revoke the license. The other part is about the quality supervision of “self-discipline” start from the beginning, according to some chinakayao, not present “money to pass to the situation. In addition, the quality of the goods can not be checked with the “fine for the purpose”, and the company should be guided by the quality knowledge and skill skills.

As the company’s own production, especially there are many disadvantages on the amp network line production company, is about to the success of the company as an example, the company developed the transformation of learning promotion experience, gradually self-improvement, overcome the blindness, using modern management methods, progress operation ability, company level, product level, completely out of the “Xiaofujian”, “peasant knowledge” of the small circle, keep in pace.

As long as the government and the company produced many efforts, multi force, can promote China’s wire amp network line smooth and healthy and orderly development of private enterprises. At that time, throughout the entire domestic wire amp network line occupation, has achieved great success in the large-scale private enterprises outside the more than 7000 amp network line production company, the vast majority of private enterprises are still in various inextricably bogged down in opposition. But the reality also fully shows that China’s electric wire amp network line occupation to finish “from big to strong changes, it is necessary to guide the private private entrance, self-improvement, self maintenance, real complete upgrade.

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