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Chinas Cat5e network manufacturers will grow steadily

China Federation of machinery industry has revealed that over the next few years, the development speed of China’s super five kinds of wire netting manufacturers will be higher than that of the national economy, with an expected growth of over 10%, especially for electric conductors and over five kinds of network lines. The average annual growth rate will reach 15%. Data show that in recent years, due to the rapid construction of China’s power grid construction, UHV projects have been put into construction, to create a huge market for the five types of network lines. Over the past 15 years, the annual growth of super five network lines has increased by more than 15%. At present, the total output value of industry industry exceeds 400 billion yuan, and exceeds the United States, becoming the world’s largest electric wire super five network production country.

Chinas Cat5e network manufacturers will grow steadily

At present, China over five cable manufacturers in a large number of technology introduction, digestion and absorption, independent research and development foundation, has formed a huge production capacity, over five types of wire material, with matching over five cable equipment manufacturing industry formed a relatively complete supporting system. Mainly shows: large enterprises have obvious advantages in the market competition, the profit ability of operating assets; good ability of small and medium sized enterprises; private enterprise market-oriented operation mechanism is flexible, rapid development, especially the characteristics of the coastal economic developed area over five types of wire wire manufacturing enterprises advantage prominent.

In terms of asset calculation, only 15% of the state-owned economic components are at present, nearly 25% of the foreign-funded enterprises and more than 60% of the private economy. Most of the top ten sales enterprises in the above five categories are private enterprises, and East China is the most important manufacturing area of over five wire line industry, accounting for 50% of assets and output value, forming 60% sales and winning 70% of the industry.

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