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Sharing the connection and line order of the crystal head of the network line

There are two kinds of connection network crystal head, one is direct connection method, the other is interconnected method.

Direct connection method: both ends are connected according to the T568B line order standard.

Cross interconnected method: one is connected by T568A line sequence and one is connected by T568B line order. Specific connection situation:

1) peer-to-peer network (direct interconnection of two computer network cards): using cross connection method, and the connection between two ends of the network is different.

2) network card and switch (or HUB): through the direct line connection method, the two ends of the network line is the same.

3) switch and switch (or HUB) cascade: using cross line connection, network wire ends different. Put the tail of the crystal head down (the flat side up), from left to right, and position 12345678 respectively.

The following is the line order of the net crystal head:

Crystal head T568A line order 12345678 green white green blue blue white orange brown white brown

Line crystal head T568B line order 12345678 orange white orange blue white green brown white brown

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