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Specification for the use of analytic cable fault detector Cat6e network line manufacturer

With the rising demand of the market, the manufacturing cable manufacturers have been developing faster and steadily. In order to improve production efficiency, provide product quality, solve cable production problems and customer needs for cable fault location, over six kinds of cable manufacturers have purchased cable fault detector to solve this problem.

It is understood that there are many kinds of cable faults, such as high resistance, low resistance, disconnection and compound type. Therefore, the cable fault detectors in the market are usually high and low voltage complete configurations, including more components and accessories.

At present, the cable fault detection instruments on the market are mainly divided into two types

1, according to the principle of echo method, a cable fault detector is designed. The components mainly include intelligent waveform analyzer, path tester, DC high voltage generator (including operation platform, AC and DC high voltage test transformer), capacitance, ball gap, fixed-point instrument and so on.

2, according to the principle of electric bridge, the cable fault detector is designed and manufactured. The main components include fault location bridge (high and low voltage bridge), fixed-point instrument, path meter, wave reflection method, fault location instrument and so on. The above two kinds of cable fault detection instruments include the positioning part of the cable fault and the precise fixed-point part.

Problems encountered in the process of using the cable fault detector for the super six types of network lines

As a cable manufacturer, we should not only locate and deal with all kinds of cable faults in the production process, but also ensure the timely delivery of products. At the same time, we should also take account of the location of cables’ sudden faults after the completion of the customer’s field cables. Therefore, in the purchase of cable fault detector, are used in high voltage and low voltage configuration, buried cable fault location in the scene to meet customers, handling and transportation equipment must have special cable fault detection vehicle shipment, otherwise, the instrument is not good transportation quality guarantee.

Cable fault detector is often transported or transported at long distance in the production site and customer service site. In order to ensure the integrity of the cable fault detector’s transport and use, it is particularly necessary for routine maintenance and management of cable fault detector. Many power supply bureaus are now buying cable fault detector and equipped with special testing personnel. At the same time, the actual frequency of cable fault detector is not too high, so the probability of failure due to transportation is not too high.

However, for cable manufacturers, the utilization rate of fault meters in factories and customers is higher than that in power supply bureaus due to their cable product type, actual production volume and sales volume limit. Sometimes the cable factory, may be a number of workshops in conjunction with a cable fault detection equipment, the cable fault detector will often be moved, some small parts, components such as the headset, the signal line sometimes moving back and forth in the workshop, will be lost and damaged phenomenon.

Over six cable manufacturers for cable fault detector by long-distance transport (air cargo transport) to the customer site for cable fault location service becomes more complex, the cable malfunction may lay in the mine field, wind power plants, the edge of the desert oil field, high altitude mountain areas (such as Tibet Ali Region). Because cable fault detector belongs to the precision test and detection equipment, under these harsh conditions, it often causes adverse effects on the use of some components. It is suggested that you must keep it in use.

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