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The difference between a network line and a telephone line

Do you know the difference between the network line and the telephone line with that long network line? Can the network line be shared with the telephone line? Today, from the professional network line manufacturer Orwell to come to you to answer it.

The difference between a network line and a telephone line


The difference between a network line and a telephone line

One, different functions

1, the telephone line passes ADSL to modulate the digital signal of the computer to the analog line number, and then transmit it to the digital signal through the telephone line. Network Internet access is less than modulation and demodulation.

2. Bandwidth problem. The telephone line is affected by physical bandwidth, the general bandwidth is not too high (the maximum broadband value is 8M), the physical bandwidth of the network line is relatively high (the good network line can achieve 1000M or more).

Two. Different interfaces

Why do cats are connected to the telephone interface and network interface are not even up what reaction, this is because the signal coming from the telephone line, after the cat’s conversion and processing to transmit to the network equipment, such as computer, forwarded to the routers, hubs and switches etc.. If it is directly connected, it is an unrecognized analog signal, which is equivalent to no signal. In other words, the cat in the middle of the role, is the signal conversion and simple processing, specifically the analog signal over the telephone line is converted into digital signal to the network equipment, converting the digital signal transmission network equipment for analog signals sent through the telephone line.

Will the line and telephone line be shared?

The method of sharing a network line between network lines and telephone lines is common in the network system of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small enterprises. Some network managers have made neutralization in telephone and network because of the consideration of saving the funds for the comprehensive wiring for enterprises, and choose the method of sharing one wire line between the network cable and telephone line as the solution of the current situation. In order to avoid later management and maintenance and troubleshooting, it is not recommended that the telephone and the network be used for a network.

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