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Owire MPO/MTP Fan-out Assembly

Owire MPO/MTP Fan-out Assembly

MPO / MTP fan-out cables are designed to use fan-out kit convert to standard optical connectors, harness cables are designed to fan-out standard optical connectors directly with 0.9mm loose tube. Input use MTP/MPO high density multi-fiber connectors and output usually with LC,SC,FC,E2000 and so on. It fit for different installation environment and easy to install between different transmission equipment or different racks and cassette modules.



Core Specifications

Connector Type
12-Fiber Or 24Fiber MPO/MTP (non-pinned)
Housing Colour
MM (Beige), MM Elite (Aqua), SM (Green), SM Elite (Yellow)
Insertion Loss, Typical (MTP/MPO)
≤ 0.10 dB
Insertion loss, max. (MTP/MPO)
≤ 0.3 dB
Return loss (MTP/MPO SM)
PC >55dB; APC> 60dB
Durability(500 Matings)
< 0.2dB
Fiber Type
OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 OM5
Fiber Count
12,24,48,72,96,144 cores
Fiber Attenuation dB (OS2)
≤0.38 Max ≤0.34Typ(1310nm) ≤0.25 Max ≤0.19Typ(1550nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM1)
≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤1.2Typ(1300nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM2)
≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤0.9Typ(1300nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM3)
≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤0.9Typ(1300nm)
Fiber Attenuation dB (OM4)
≤3.5 Max ≤2.7Typ(850nm) ≤1.5Max ≤0.9Typ(1300nm)
Min.Bandwidth:Overfilled Launch[Mhz-km]
OM1≥200(850nm) ≥500(1300nm) OM2≥500(850nm) ≥500(1300nm) OM3≥1500(850nm)≥500(1300nm)OM4≥3500(850nm) ≥500(1300nm)
Min.Bandwidth:Laser Effective Modal Bandwidth [Mhz-km]
OM3 ≥2000(850nm) OM4 ≥4700(850nm)
Outer diameter
12fiber:3.0 or 5.5mm ; 24fiber:3.0 or 5.5mm
Outer jacket Colour
OS2(Yellow),OM2(Orange),OM3(Aqua),OM4(Purple or Aqua)
Outer jacket material
Tensile strength
Operating Temperature
-40 ~ +85°C


Yes. We are the real manufacturer with more than 500 staff.

Yes, small order is available .We support new project of our customers as we know business is always from small order.

10 years for Lan cable , 25 years for fiber optic cable

ISO9001, SGS, UL, CPR, CE, RoHs

Usually within 10-15 working days

Lan Cable,our annual output is 500000*305m
Outdoor/Indoor Fiber Optic Cable, our annual output is 8,000,000 KM;
FTTH/FTTX/FTTA Cable, it is 6,000,000 KM per year;
Patch Cord/Pigtails, it is 12,400,000 Pieces per year.

T/T, L/C, Western Union and Ali pay.

Yes. We supply OEM&ODM service. You can send us your drawing or we make design by our professional customized team.

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