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Core technology of integrated wiring line manufacturer

Wiring is a skill. It is also an art, with better wiring and better life. Next, Orwell, a professional cable manufacturer, introduces the core technology of generic cabling.

Core technology of integrated wiring line manufacturer


1, high precision electric time domain reflection test / time domain crosstalk analysis (TDR/TDX)

Orwell’s time domain reflectometry TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technology of over six kinds of netting passes the test signal in the tested line pairs, and CommScope monitors the signal’s reflection phase and intensity on the line pair. If the signal after the cable encountered an impedance change, some or all of the signal will be reflected back, location and nature of the reflected signal delay, size and polarity of the surface characteristics of clear cable impedance series. The time domain crosstalk analysis TDX (Time Domain Crosstalk) skill is a test signal transmitted over a line pair, together with the adjacent lines to the test crosstalk signal in the time domain. Hualing super six kinds of network lines are tested in the time domain. Therefore, according to the time of crosstalk onset and the speed of signal transmission, we can precisely locate the physical position of crosstalk.

2. String pair(Split Pairs)

Hualing super six kinds of twisted pair wires are twisted together by two insulated copper conductors at a certain density, which can reduce the degree of signal interference. The radiated waves of each conductor in transmission will be offset by the radio waves announced by another line.

CommScope called string pair is to separate the original two pairs of lines and reorganize the new line pair. Because the terminal end to end connectivity is good, so multimeter or expert can not be seen, and only use a dedicated cable tester to check it out. Because the string has no kinks to the related lines, a high near end crosstalk (NEXT) is produced when the signal passes through the line.

The super six type of cable string is usually used, but usually the crosstalk target is large, it can only operate 10M application and can not reach the 100M application.

3, stranded wire end connection specification

The eight wires of the Hualing super six wire twisted pair wire should be inserted into the plug (end connection) according to the standard. There are two end – to – end specifications: EIA/TIA T568A/T568B, and there is no substantial difference between the two, only the difference in color. The essential problem of termination is to ensure that 1, 2 line pairs are a pair of sides, 3, 6 lines pair is a pair of sides, 4, 5 lines pair is a pair of sides, 7 and 8 line pairs are a pair of pairs. Note: do not use T568A at one end of the cable, and T568B at the other end. The mixed use of T568A/T568B is a special wiring method for cross wiring. The application of the project is more than the T568B line method.

On Ethernet Pin1, Pin2 is a rule to send as the network data, PIN3, pin6 is a network as acceptance of data, and 1, 2 to 3, 6, 4, 5 to one, one to 7, 8, one of the play is necessary, and not 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 in this fight, so called on, will cause serious signal leakage.

4. Wiring diagram Wire Map

Hualing super six kinds of network wiring diagram Ware Map: This is to recognize the integrity of link connectivity. First, check whether every pair of wires in the 8 core twisted pair is in line with the specification of the EIA/TIA- 568A/568B rule. Is the matching way between the two ends of the cable line matching? If wrong, there are open, short, reverse line pair, interspersed line and series of five situations.


Open circuit: there is a broken appearance in the line, usually due to the bad touch of the cable at the crystal head, and the location of the fault can usually be detected by the cable test equipment.

Short circuit: there is one or more wire inner core touching each other in the line, causing short circuit.

– with line on Crossed pairs: refers to the two ends of the wire wiring process to fault, Valin ultra six using the 568A cable that one end of the other end use 568B play, usually this approach used in wire network equipment level, perhaps cohesion between the card, but as usual, as long as the two wiring the wire to wire together, as for module way to refer to the above color.

– reverse line on Reversed pairs: This is because of a fault on the line two negative connection fault, usually think of the odd line number for the positive electrode, negative electrode, even lines, such as 568B Pin1 orange white as first-line of the cathode, the Pin2 orange line is negative, it can form a DC loop that is, reverse in line with positive and negative line of very confused.

– on Split pairs: This is a common fault line in a first line is not strictly comply with the norm, Valin Super Six specification cable rule is 1, 3, 2 for the first of 6, second on, if 3, 4 a second on the formation of large signal leakage, which produce NEXT (near end crosstalk), this will cause the user’s Internet hard or indirectly interrupt, especially in the 1000Mbps network is particularly significant.

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