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How do cable connection and cable crystal head line sequence

How to do computer network line is a required course for people who are online, and it is also the most basic practical project. There are many ways to make the net line, and we use the crystal head here to make a simple method of making the most common RJ45 8 – pin network.

We use the cable clamp cable sheath peeling off function, see eight wire color and white intertwined. Orange, green, blue and Brown are four colors. They are intertwined with white orange, white green, white, blue and white brown. Some are slightly orange, others are white. If they are pure colors, they must be careful not to confuse the four white. We will remove their wound, pay attention to the display of the order is: Orange Green Brown, white in front, blue green swap. That is to say the final results are: white orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown and brown.

How do cable connection and cable crystal head line sequence

After the position will settle the straight line, trimming using cutting tool, cable clamp cutting tool are usually, make sure the Baoqie neat, then flat into the crystal head, hard on top, when from the first crystal before see lines arranged neatly, use crystal line pliers the extrusion module head pressing.

The order of this kind of network line is the common B network line making method.

If it is a class a network line making order is orange green exchange, turn: white green, green, white orange, blue, white blue, orange, white brown, brown.

Straight line is the crystal head at both ends of the network line is A or B, if it is a cross line is a A one is B.

Our common conditions require direct connections, such as: computers and switches interconnect, switches and routers interconnect. If it is computer and computing interconnection, cross line is needed.

Of course, these line making methods are not always used by everyone. Because many web designers usually do not follow this rule strictly, but if they don’t comply with this rule, the anti-jamming and anti attenuation performance of the network will be very poor. It is also suggested that the designer strictly follow this order so that the optimal state of the network can be guaranteed. So, if we go to the maintenance of the network, must take a look at the old head of the original crystal in what way to make it in accordance with the order, we do it, because we are just making a crystal head, so to “do”, otherwise, it must have two surgery, according to standard production again. In addition, the length of the net is best not greater than 100 meters, because the longer the model is, the more the attenuation is.

Let me give you a little hint of making Internet cable: because when building a house, it often causes careless cable pulling and breaking one or a few of them. So those lack of standard production method can help us. If we have repeated tests, we find that a root or a few broken wires can be interchanged. For example, if white orange and orange are broken, they cannot be done, and others are connected. We can replace white blue, blue or white brown and brown. But be aware that both ends are the same, that is, not according to the standard. Usually, as long as the 1, 2, 3, and 6 in the order are accessible, the number is the order of the net line in the A, B, or non – standard mode of replacement. We used to use a network line, both on the Internet and the installation of a phone.

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