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Tell you the difference between five types of unshielded network lines and shielded lines

We haven’t known very much about the difference and usefulness of over five kinds of unshielded wire and shielded wire. After that, let’s ask Orwell, a professional cable manufacturer, to answer for you.

Ultra five classes of unshielded networks(UTP cat5e network cable)Over five kinds of unshielded twisted pair cable are improved after the partial functions of the existing five kinds of shielded twisted pair. The network has increased many functional parameters, such as near end crosstalk, attenuation crosstalk ratio and return loss, etc., but the transmission bandwidth is still 100MHz. Compared to the usual five types of strands, the super five types of more quality process materials are better, such as the transmission interval, the transmission speed, and so on, which are slightly better than the five classes. The obvious difference is that when the word “CAT5” is marked, the 5 kind of twisted pair and “5E” are super 5.

Tell you the difference between five types of unshielded network lines and shielded lines

Screen line is divided into single screen wire, double screen wire. According to the different shielding methods, the shielded network lines are divided into two categories, namely, STP (Shielded Twisted-Pair) and FTP (Foil Twisted- shielded network).

STP refers to the shielded wires with shielded layers on each line, while FTP chooses the shielded shielded cable. It is noticed that shielding is only shielded in the entire network cable, and the two ends are grounded correctly. Therefore, the whole system needs shielding equipment, including network cable, module, crystal head and distribution rack. There is a good grounding system for building needs. The outer layer of the shielded cable cable is wrapped by aluminum film, which can reduce the radiation, but it can not eliminate the radiation completely. The cost of shielded wire is relatively high, and it is harder than unshielded net to carry out the device. It must be equipped with a special connector that supports the shielding function and the corresponding device skills. But it has a higher transmission rate can reach 100 meters, 150 PA. Of course, the quotation is relatively high, and the demand for supporting special connectors and proper device skills of shielding function is higher, but the transmission rate is higher than the corresponding unshielded twisted pair.

The unshielded wire line is usually used in the usual working environment. Shielded wire is usually used under complex environment system. I advocate using unshielded network cable. The shielding wire is usually expensive, and the device is not convenient. And the skill demand of screen line is also high, if can not reach that kind of skill demand, install still have no unshielded application function.

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