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Orwell network line manufacturer: Cat5e outdoor net

Today, Orwell, a professional network manufacturer, gives a grand introduction to the super five types of outdoor net lines, hoping to help you.

The ultra five types of outdoor net lines are 4 pairs of UTP cables at the CMR level, making it suitable for outdoor aerial and pipeline application, and can avoid tidal gas intrusion. The function reaches the requirement of the five category in ANSI/TIA/EIA-568.

Characteristic features:

1. beyond the requirement of the five class in ANSI/TIA/EIA-568

2. appropriate outdoor aerial and pipeline

3. maximum bandwidth and ACR remainder satisfactory mission or noise environment

4. optimized uniform transmission parameters for synchronous parallel transmission protocol

5. the smallest scale is easier to install

6. uniform axial conversion loss control low electromagnetic disturbance and noise resistance

7. all data have 15 years of functional guarantee

8. cable length decreasing symbol cutting waste

9. outdoor cable joint design to avoid water infiltration

10. by ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-A chromatography

11. application field: high speed network application of outdoor environment

The Ethernet Application of 12.100Mbps (IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-T)

Application of 13.155Mbps ATM network

14.100Vg-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12)

15.TP-PMD (ANSI X3T9.5)

16.100Mbps CDDI

Ethernet Application of 17.10Mbps (IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T)

18.4Mbps token network (IEEE 802.5)

Orwell network line manufacturer: Cat5e outdoor net


Material material:

1. Conductor: 24AWG copper solid wire

2. insulation: Polyethylene

3. cable core: 4 pairs of twisted pair wire for each cable core

4.: PVC flame retardant protective sleeve, with skin break rope distance with the number of cable, wire gage, validation, production date, description code

5. flame-retardant low smoke and halogen free outer sheath should be specially ordered

Commodity color:

Black, other colors need to be specifically specified

Mechanical specification:

Minimum bending radius weight Kg/100m of linear logarithmic extra diameter

4 pairs of 5.1mm 51mm 3.2

Use of temperature:

-10 ~ 60 C

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